2019 BENTLEY BENTAYGA V8 REVIEW & CHANGES – Considering the fact that its 2019 launch, the Bentley Bentayga uber-luxury SUV has supplied American consumers umpteen interior, paint, wheel and trim options. But right up until now it is been limited to a single stateside engine selection: a torque-monster 6.0-liter W12 — certainly a right variety for a premium utility in the Bentayga’s $200K-plus price group, but in addition heavy, thirsty and highly-priced.



Enter the Bentayga V8, released at this year’s Detroit auto show, powered by a new twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 co-developed with Porsche. It is fantastic for 542 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque, in comparison with the 600-hp/664-lb-ft W12. Indeed, output drops a bit, but most consumers will never see: Considering that the V8 Bentayga is also a bit lighter, weight-to-power ratios vary by below 0.75 lb/hp concerning the two models. Paired by having an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Bentayga V8 can propel alone from 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds and up to a top speed of 180 mph, only 0.4 second and 7 mph off the W12’s quantities, respectively. Essential for ever-increasing efficiency prerequisites, the new V8 receives auto stop/start and cylinder deactivation, rendering it ready to run as a V4 in low-load scenarios.

Exterior changes for the V8 include a black and chrome grille, as properly as figure-eight-shaped quad exhaust strategies. Iron rotors are standard, but the Bentayga’s optional carbon-ceramic brakes evaluate a crazy 17.3 inches up front and 14.5 inches in the rear, sitting down inside 10-piston calipers; those people really do not just sound big, they are — as in, the major front brakes on any creation vehicle, to be specific. Even though it is a disgrace to cover these types of rotors, the Bentayga is going to be available with a decision of 11 wheel models, which includes a new 22-inch model concluded in black with a polished complete. Supporting its approximately 5,300-pound curb bodyweight, the Bentayga V8 receives an electric active roll control system termed Bentley Dynamic Ride; the adjustable dampers use a 48-volt electrical architecture to respond to cornering forces as immediately as attainable. A central controller makes it possible for the system to respond based on driving style and also adjusts throttle and transmission reaction: The modes are sport (evident), comfort (plush and refined), Bentley (what you and I would phone “normal,” this blends sport and comfort configurations) and custom (if you want to roll your own private). But hold out, there is additional: An optional All Terrain Specification provides four more off-road driving modes: snow and grass; dust and gravel; mud and trail; and sand dunes, dependent on the type of floor across which you are trekking.



Inside, Bentley will give its first high-gloss carbon-fiber trim as an alternative in place of the multitude of veneers available. Other new options for the interior include a wooden and leather-trimmed steering wheel, as effectively as chestnut-colored Cricket Ball leather — the form of a deep chestnut brown — and cross-stitching on the seams to emphasize the strains. And if you want another thing (absolutely anything else, for that issue), there is generally Bentley’s Mulliner division, that can be joyful to customize regardless of what your coronary heart (and wallet) dreams. Finally, really do not overlook the electronics: The Bentayga V8 receives an imposing listing of usefulness systems and safety nannies that work based on inputs from 12 ultrasonic sensors, five cameras and both of those short- and long-range radar. Park Assist will autonomously park the Bentayga in perpendicular or parallel areas; Night Vision places an infrared view of the bordering terrain on the central instrument panel; Adaptive Cruise Control modulates equally steering and acceleration/braking to deliver some semi-autonomous procedure; and Trailer Assist employs sensors in the tow bar to instantly back up a trailer without steering enter essential by the driver. So what is it all likely to cost you? U.S. pricing starts off at $165,000 a big $67,000 fewer than the W12’s starting price, which, as we’ll make clear momentarily, helps make the Bentayga V8 a veritable cut-price in luxury transportation. Options can naturally incorporate a big chunk of that back, specifically if Mulliner is associated, but the MSRP is sure to give loads of Range Rover Autobiography intenders pause. You can find a 4-liter twin-turbo engine under the large black acoustic cover, but this is all you get to see.

Based on the time I have expended in Bentley Continental GT of the two the W12 and V8 persuasion, I experienced a very good idea how the Bentayga V8’s individuality would present itself. Get in touch with it affirmation bias if you will, but just as the Conti V8 is the Pretty Critical W12’s mischievous youthful brother, the Bentayga V8 proved alone lighter on its feet than the W12 for the duration of my first drive in and all over the Alpine burgh of Kitzbuhel, Austria. Small, turbocharged V8s are a superb issue virtually no matter of maker, but Bentley’s new 4.0-liter is a certain sweetheart. Irrespective of a simple architecture shared with Porsche, Bentley has dialed in its very own fuel administration curve, concentrating extra on midrange torque generation than the final high-rpm shove on which its associates in Stuttgart insist. No matter what they’ve finished, the web end result is a solid wall of torque shoving you forward the fast you set your foot in it. Turbo lag is nil from a standing start, while just a little bit visible when coupled with the transmission’s downshifting for the duration of passing moves.

Then there is the sound: Switched to sports mode with its uncorked exhaust, regardless of what the V8 offers up to the W12 in terminal velocity, it helps make up for with its British Muscle Car soundtrack, a crackling refrain that could have you blasting close to slower traffic just for the musical accompaniment. Or, as I observed myself, banging off four-wheel drifts in the snow: Making use of the off-road modes on an icy study course set up for the goal, Bentley chassis engineers spelled out — then shown — how the traction administration programs let loads of torque to ensure it is to the wheels even though mentioned wheels are spinning. A reasonably competent driver can modulate throttle and steer to wheel all over in the slippery things, V8 gurgling and tires flinging, but without having at any time going much too significantly off training course. When traction commences vanishing, briefly permitting off the throttle throws simply enough pounds forward to permit the fronts grip and absent the Bentayga squirts once again. It is equally confidence-inspiring and superior pleasurable in this 2.75-ton beastie.



Back on pavement, wherever 99 p.c of Batangas will shell out 99 p.c of their time, the V8 is a similarly capable kilometer-carver. My drive route encompassed lower-speed two-lanes up into southern Germany, a high-speed unrestricted Autobahn run and a curvaceous Alpine mountain road, granting a full spectrum of environments. Of the three, the Bentayga is most at home stretching its legs on freeway operates — it is remarkably silent and easy at the about 110 mph we have been equipped to get to on the Autobahn, probably not stunning other than when one considers the sheer mass and cross-section of a thing like a full-size SUV. There are some amazing sounds administration and airflow engineering occurring listed here. Twisty back roads are in no way likely to be a Bentayga’s home turf, but when all over again thinking about the mass included it is a significantly far better back-road bomber than it’s got a suitable to be. With the active suspension administration in sport, body roll is negligible, and the steering is speedy more than enough to respond crisply to turns without having got the chassis twitchy. Finally, if you get oneself genuinely out of line, the enormous brakes are quickly all set to pull you back from the edge.

On condition that we’re speaking about a Bentley and not a Volkswagen, you possibly have the implies to get one or you really don’t. The V8 Bentayga will possibly turn into the daily driver of preference for SoCal soccer mothers, even though in addition it is smart for well-heeled New Englanders who may have to take care of significantly unpredictable temperature. As a family car for the well-to-do, there is tiny about which to quibble — if nearly anything, the Bentayga’s styling may be also refined for the badge mindful. On the other hand, a Bentley is not meant to be ostentatious — it is meant to supply power, a perception of cast heft inside of which lies a quilted, leather-lined club-room sanctuary. The Bentayga V8 provides all people attributes and a place to toss your soggy Labradoodle just after a working day at the beach.