2019 VW T-Cross Baby SUV Review & Changes

2019 VW T-Cross Baby SUV Review & Changes – If there’s any Volkswagen vehicle that’s generating some noise nowadays, it’s the T-Cross small SUV. The Polo-based crossover is set to be disclosed on October 25, and with below three days to go, VW could be performing some nip and tucks to its newest vehicle in the range. Believe of it as an upcoming party – we’re confident all palms are on deck to make the momentous celebration as perfect as achievable.

VW T Cross Baby SUV 2019 VW T Cross Baby SUV Review & Changes

VW T-Cross Baby SUV

However, the German marque has another thing in thoughts. VW created time to tease us with a quick clip that shows the interior of the T-Cross. And to be honest, it only required 21 seconds to inform us that the impending crossover has a whole lot to offer you.

Since the T-Cross is based on the Polo (and hard disks like a Polo, also, evidently), it inherits its fully digital musical instrument bunch and its familiar interior layout. However, the video showcased three stuff that is yet to be identified. The T-Cross is equipped with a wireless charger by the middle gaming console. For techie vehicle managers, this spells fantastic news.

VW T Cross Baby SUV Interior 2019 VW T Cross Baby SUV Review & Changes

VW T-Cross Baby SUV Interior

The other thing that’s challenging to overlook is that the T-Cross’ infotainment system is powered by Surpasses Audio system, which means it could be a thrilling hearing expertise for future proprietors of the forthcoming crossover. The third and probably the most unexplainable bit are the phrases “I am user-friendly” – a continuation of the first two teasers “I am cool” and “I am using.” While the first two teasers were self-explanatory, this one informs us that the crossover might have smart features but in a rather inexplicable way. Now, if you ask us how smart, we don’t exactly know. But, it looks like the T-Cross will have navigation assistance.